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A Taste of America

A Taste of America

A Taste of America

If your future travel plans don’t include a cross-country road trip, no problem. You can savor the tastes of the States from your own home. Let America’s vast variety of ingredients and cuisines inspire your next meal.

New England, home of the original thirteen colonies, is known for cranberries and blueberries. (It’s also famous for fish and seafood)

Hearty comfort food (think cabbage and potatoes) is a staple in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.

America’s Great Plains, the vast stretch of flat land west of the Mississippi and east of the Rockies, is one of the world’s most important producers of wheat and corn. Simple, wholesome fare is popular here. 

Chefs in Louisiana rely on flavors such as celery, red pepper and onion to spice up exotic Cajun and Creole dishes. Farther down in Florida, tropical fruits such as mango and avocado make an appearance in a variety of dishes.  

Combine Spanish, Native American and Mexican culture and you get the flavors found in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas. Smoky chipotle peppers, fresh tomatoes and corn figure prominently.

Pacific Coast and Alaska 
From the fruit orchards of central California to the lettuce fields of the Salinas Valley, produce abounds in the Sunshine State; farther north, you’ll find king crab and Alaskan salmon.

A mélange of cultures, plus ingredients such as coconut and pineapple, combine for an exotic cuisine.   

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