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Why We Love the BBQ

Why We Love the BBQ

Why We Love the BBQ

Let us count the ways

Does firing up the grill bring visions of burgers, hotdogs and corn on the cob to mind?  While the barbeque can be used any time of year, summer is surely it’s time to shine.  With outdoor activities on the rise, most of us are looking for lighter, fresher and healthier meal and snack options during summer months. 

 Here are just a few of the reasons why we love the grill.    

  • It’s versatile! Not only can you cook burgers, chicken and warm buns, consider any and all produce  – think bananas, pineapples, peaches, romaine, potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, onions. 
  • It’s made for FAST mass cooking!  Just slice and brush veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Eggplant, zucchini and onion will become tender in about 8 minutes over medium high heat.  Mushrooms and asparagus will brown in about half that time.  Top off with balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs once off the grill and you’ll be one step away from grilled veggie salads, frittatas and pita pockets all week long! 
  • It has a sweet side!  Fruit generally turns sweeter and even more flavorful when you grill it.  Check out our unique, naturally sweet dessert recipes, such as Dole Grilled Bananas or our Grilled Tropical Split
  • Aside from your trusty tongs you don’t need many tools to work the grill.  If you’re in the mood to splurge on an extra gadget, go for a grill basket.  They are perforated allowing hot air to circulate vegetables or delicate fish keeping food in while allowing juices to escape producing that signature crispiness.        
  • It does double duty as a smoker! With some wood chips and water, your grill can add dimension and savoriness to meats, tofu and even pineapple!
  • There is little to no clean up!  Forget having to wash pots and pans.  You can cook everything from your appetizer to entrée to dessert on the grill and keep your kitchen virtually spotless!

Best of all, grilling helps to add variety to typical family meals and makes for healthier, happier eating.  It excites the kids and makes them more apt to trying tasting produce from the grill. Check out our Pinterest boards for more alfresco dining and grilling ideas.

Published July 1st 2019

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