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Veggies as Vehicles to Good Health

Veggies as Vehicles to Good Health

Veggies as Vehicles to Good Health

Reframe meal planning

Eat your veggies!  It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, yet most of us struggle with how accomplish.  Getting your 10 servings a day doesn’t have to be a chore, especially with options including fresh, frozen, canned, dried or even 100% juice.  Getting more fruits and vegetables into each meal can be easy, interesting and tasty!   

Sometimes re-framing your idea of a meal can be all it takes to get you going.  In past newsletters we’ve talked about making vegetables the center of the plate.  This month we want to go a step further, think of veggies as vessels to contain, and even portion control the rest of your meal!  Have you thought about stuffing a banana?  Filling a potato or padding a squash with mushrooms, spinach and ground chicken?  If not, then you should!  It makes for a great presentation, but also ensures produce is the star of everyone’s plate.     

Here are a few of our signature stuffed fruit and vegetable dishes: 

Published December 1st 2019

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