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Traditions with Nutrition

Traditions with Nutrition

Traditions with Nutrition

How family meals support health

Planning and sharing meals is a cherished family tradition in many homes.  This wonderful way of spending time together also helps children learn cooking skills, maintain better health, even learn how to budget during meal planning!  And now a study published in the Annuls of Internal Medicine, suggests that those meals deliver nutrients with even more value than those that come from a bottle

All too often vitamins and supplements are thought of as “insurance”, a crutch even for those days our food choices fall short of our aspirational diet – think fast food, pizza and meals without vegetables, OH MY!  Let’s review some of the supplement research we’ve brought you over the years: 

There are plenty of conditions and instances where supplement-use is warranted, but for most generally healthy people, healthy food is all you need – like those family meals served around the dinner table!  Nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains, nuts and other whole foods are perfectly packaged by nature and can provide all the nutrition your body requires.  Visit our recipe center to keep your family meal inspiration flowing.

Published July 1st 2019

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