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Spark Weight Loss with an Annual Physical

Spark Weight Loss with an Annual Physical

Spark Weight Loss with an Annual Physical

Diagnosing overweight and obesity can be a plus

Does your new year resolution involve losing weight and eating healthier?  If so, you’re not alone, according to one study, 141 million Americans will make resolutions this year.  The most popular resolutions include exercising more, saving money and eating healthier with most people making the same resolutions from year to year. 

One study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that a visit to your doctor may help unlock success.  In reviewing over 650,000 medical records, researchers found that a diagnosis of obesity was associated with greater weight loss (between 5-10% body weight!), compared to those without the diagnosis.  Researchers believe that when doctors diagnose patients with obesity, they’ve raised the issue of being overweight as well as the associated health implications thus sparking a move towards weight loss.  Unfortunately, obesity still is a diagnosis that is often left undocumented. 

With more than 42% of Americans in the obese category and many more overweight, scheduling an annual physical in December or January could help support new years resolutions by starting the conversation to support effective weight loss.   

Published January 2021

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