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Peanut Protection

Peanut Protection

Peanut Protection

 Nuts may improve cognition

Dread getting older?  Getting sick, gray hair, muscle aches, forgetfulness, or an inability to drive are just a few troubles that may come to mind. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, you may be able to duck cognitive decline, another aging biggie, with nuts – think walnuts, peanuts, or almonds. 

Researchers from the University of South Australia analyzed diets of over 4,800 Chinese adults, over 22 years, observing that those in the habit of consuming nuts daily enjoyed better mental functioning like improved memory and reasoning.  Adults in the study, who ate 10g or about 2 tsp of nuts (peanuts) a day had 60% better cognitive function when compared to those who didn’t eat nuts - and that’s not small peanuts!

Peanuts pack a powerful punch.  Resveratrol, a naturally occurring bioactive compound is believed to improve blood flow to brain and may also be responsible for cognitive improvement.  Their niacin content may also contribute Alzheimer’s protection. 

Check out this selection of Dole recipes to see if any of them inspire you to include more in your diet. 

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Getting older doesn’t have to be laced with dread.  Instead, look at it as an opportunity to spend more time with family, discover a new hobby, travel for pleasure, even volunteer or start a second career.

Published October 1st 2019

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