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Nutrition Grill Skillz

Nutrition Grill Skillz

Nutrition Grill Skillz

Five foods to try this summer

Hooray for grilling season! At Dole it’s the type of cooking we look forward to all year round, after all it’s quick, flavorful and has little to no clean up.  Unfortunately grilling can be a high fat affair with foods like burgers, hotdogs and sides laced with mayonnaise.  This summer be a master of the grill and a health hero by adding these foods into the rotation:

  1. Asparagus – Literally takes minutes to take on flavor from the grill – drizzle with olive oil, salt pepper and a spritz of lemon juice when done d-licious!  Plus one serving provides an excellent source of folate, a B vitamin involved in red blood cell production and is especially important during times of quick growth such as pregnancy and childhood. 
  2. Mushrooms – They’re meaty texture allows them to hold up to the high temperatures of the grill and varieties like portobella are an ideal swap for your beef burger!   Bonus – they’re also are a good source for the essential trace mineral selenium, which plays a role in protecting the body from oxidative stress and infection. 
  3. Romaine – Grill halves or quarters of romaine with a drizzle of olive oil and the stem intact to keep your eyesight at it’s best!
  4. Sweet Potato – This heart-healthy root pairs well with cinnamon and warm fall flavors but has a natural sweetness that compliments the grills savory side perfectly.  Try coating ¼ inch slices in olive oil on a hot grill pan for about 5 min per side, seasoned with salt and pepper. 
  5. Bananas – Give your grilled feast a sweet ending with grilled bananas.  After letting them go for about 2 minutes per side, try topped with frozen yogurt for a cool twist, or grill in foil packets for a individual treat!  Known for their potassium content, one banana provides 422 mg which helps balance the effects of sodium in the diet.  Getting enough potassium can reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease and high blood pressure!  TIP: Grill them till they are black–about 5 mins on each side–to custardize the banana inside.

For more flavorful and nutritious grilling recipes check out Outdoor Heat at! 

Published June 2020

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