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Holiday Break

Holiday Break

Holiday Break

Working Long Overtime Linked with Heart Disease and Stroke 

Though the days of holiday break may have been left behind with school graduation, a few days off work can be a mental relief during the month of December. Research now suggests scaling back on hours at the office may be a relief for your heart too. A 2015 study published in The Lancet finds working long overtime hours may increase risk of heart disease and stroke.

European researchers collected data from 25 studies across Europe, the United States and Australia. Each chosen study contained data on weekly hours spent at work and reported incidence of heart disease and stroke via participant follow-up. Analysis showed that people who worked 55 hours or more per week had a 1.3-times higher risk of stroke than those who worked a standard 35-40 hour week. Working long overtime was also linked to 1.13 times the risk of developing heart disease.

Balancing work and personal life is important during the holidays and year round. Take advantage of the season and spend some time away from work with family and friends. When you are in the office, utilize any workplace wellness opportunities your company has in place to keep your health on track. Dole offers evening fitness classes, afternoon yoga sessions, an onsite gym, a healthy café for breakfast and lunch, and complimentary fruit and vegetable snacks during the day.

BONUS: Stay focused at the office by exercising regularly. Research suggests regular exercise may result in better oxygen circulation in the brain and possibly a sharper mind. Better focus may get you out the door on time.

Published December 1, 2015

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