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Green Does A Lot of Good

Green Does A Lot of Good

Green Does A Lot of Good

Access to green space decreases cravings

Do you practice living green  by remembering to bring your reusable shopping bag to the store?  Maybe you eat your greens to get lean and feed your brain – but what about seeing green

Turns out, according to a study led by researchers at the United Kingdom’s University of Plymouth, having more access to and seeing natural green and gardening spaces is actually associated with fewer cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy food.  Amazing, right?  Scientists surveyed participants and calculated their access to parks, gardens etc., as well as their use of them finding reduced cravings and intensity when there was access to or simply a residential view that had 25% greenspace! 

Are you wondering what qualifies as green space?  Technically it is undeveloped landscape, or an area of grass, trees or vegetation set apart for recreational purposes.  It could even be a dog park.  So as we turn the calendar page and begin to enjoy the colors of autumn let us suggest a few ways to get out and enjoy the great green outdoors: 

Published October 1st 2019

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