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From Road Trip to Campground

From Road Trip to Campground

From Road Trip to Campground

What to pack and eat

Vacations may look a little different this year.  Instead of jet setting to a tropical destination or European city, many families are getting creative with staycation ideas.  Alternatively, as many as 1 in 3 Americans are skipping town in a different way, with a good old fashioned road trip.  Air travel is being replaced with campers, suitcases with backpacks and a trusty trailmix is the snack of choice. 

If you’re family is taking to the open road this summer, destined for a quiet campground, national park or perhaps simply an overdue family visit, check out these easy and balanced snack options that will surely prevent unnecessary pit stops along the way. 

Make ahead wonders: 

We like the idea of the campfire classics because they are truly ideal for outdoor dining.  They’re also perfectly suitable to make around your backyard firepit if a staycation is for you this year! 

Tip: If you are venturing away from home, it may be a good idea to take a small amount of basic staples with you, e.g. bread, apples, carrots, nuts, rice, couscous and pasta and maybe some spices so that you can prepare your own healthy snacks when you are there. A camping stove, a pot and some plastic storage containers could also be useful. If you are only spending a night or two away, prepare your healthy snacks shortly beforehand and bring them with you in a cooler bag with freezer packs.

Published August 2020

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