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Expanded Tuesday Trivia

Expanded Tuesday Trivia

Expanded Tuesday Trivia

Food Safety Edition

We are taking Tuesday Trivia to the next level with Natalie Dyenson, Dole’s resident Food Safety and Quality Expert.  Take a stab at our summer food safety quiz below to see how you score!  

1. What is the recommended refrigerator temperature in order to keep food at 40 degrees?  
a. 50 degrees
b. 40 degrees
c. 36 degrees
d. 32 degrees

2. True or False :  Fruits such as avocados and cantaloupe don’t need to be washed because their outer skin is tough and not consumed?  
a. False. Scrub firm produce such as melons with a clean produce brush.  Even though the skin isn’t eaten, when they are sliced the knife can carry bacteria from the outside, to the inside!  

3. Always start food preparation with clean hands.  How long should you wash hands for? (with warm water and soap of course)  
a. 10 seconds
b. 15 seconds
c. 20 seconds
d. 30 seconds

4. Which of the following should you use when washing fruits and vegetables?  
a. Water
b. Soap and Water
c. Detergent and Water
d. Soap, Detergent and Water

5. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be stored where?
a. Above raw meat, poultry and seafood
b. Next to raw meat, poultry and seafood
c. Below raw meat, poultry and seafood
d. Above raw meat, but below poultry and seafood

Remember, food safety is in YOUR hands!  

Answer key:  C, False, C, A, A

Published August 1st 2019

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