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Coleslaw Season

Coleslaw Season

Coleslaw Season

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When it comes to summer salads, you may want to consider crispy cool cabbage your leaf of choice.  Its hearty leaves can stand up to summer heat better than tender greens and depending on the cut (shredded, angel hair, diced) and your choice of dressing the enjoyment opportunities are endless.  The period between April and September is when coleslaw is most often consumed, so why not hop on board and give it a try?

If you prefer to make your own, at Dole we can help take some of the prep work off your plate with our Classic Coleslaw, a combination of shredded green cabbage and carrots; Angel Hair Coleslaw, a fine shred of green cabbage; and  Diced Southern Slaw, a dice of both green cabbage and carrots.  And for even more ease, our uniquely flavored Slawesome! kits are versatile enough to turn into complete meals like Scallops with Sweet Apple Slaw or Caribbean Slaw topped with Turkey Skewers!

There are four main types of large leaf cabbage including green, purple, Napa and savoy.  They’re part of the brassica oleracea family which include other greens and cruciferous vegetables including Brussels Sprouts, bok choy, kohlrabi, kale, broccoli and cauliflower among others! This group of vegetables is known for its high amounts of vitamins C, E, folate as well as mineral calcium.  

When selecting whole cabbage, it should feel heavy for its size and leaves should be tightly packed (check by giving it a squeeze)!  A word of caution for extra-large heads as they are usually older and can be somewhat bitter. 

And if you’re not into the coleslaw scene, try cabbage stir fried with your favorite protein or Dole’s Unstuffed Cabbage recipe. 

Published July 2020

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