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Why pineapples burn your tongue!

Why pineapples burn your tongue!

Maybe it’s happened to you? Some people, when they bite into a juicy piece of pineapple notice a tingling, stinging or burning sensation on their tongue. Is it pure imagination or could it really be caused by pineapple? Today we unravel the mystery of why pineapple burns your tongue!

First of all, this phenomenon is nothing at all to be worried about, it is something very natural. But what causes this peculiarity of the exotic fruit?

The solution: An enzyme known as bromelain can causes the burning sensation in the mouth. This is one of the substances in pineapple and its function is to break down protein. If pineapple burns the tongue, the enzyme is therefore only ‘doing its job’ – in our mouth. By the way, this slight burning sensation only occurs with unprocessed fruit. Tinned pineapple is definitely ‘tongue-friendly’.

If you are one of those people whose tongue is burned by pineapple, you could, for example, try grilling or boiling it, as bromelain cannot withstand high temperatures. The burning sensation on the tongue is also more likely to occur if you are eating an unripe pineapple that contains more acid. The best thing to do is try it out.

The tingling feeling will not prevent you from biting into the pineapple – the sweet tropical fruit simply tastes much too good for that!

Metaphorically speaking, enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth feeling!

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