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Oranges: A sunny, juicy boost of freshness

Oranges: A sunny, juicy boost of freshness

A shiny, appetising orange is probably the fruit most likely to put us in a great summer mood. The round, exotic fruit packs a punch – under its skin, it contains vitamins, fibre and phytochemicals. Not only does it strengthen our defences in winter, it also helps us to get through the warm days fit and full of energy.

An “apple from China” is a fruity pharmacy

The Latin name for the orange is Citrus sinensis, denoting it as the sweet orange. The fruit originated in China several thousand years ago. It now grows in a number of countries including South Africa, Mexico and the USA so its sweet and juicy goodness is available the whole year round.

Picture: Salad don't always has to be green

This low-calorie tasty treat is packed with vitamin C. Just 200 g of orange flesh covers our daily requirements and does our immune system the world of good. Oranges are also rich in carotenoids and flavenoids. They can reduce the risk of certain cancers and vascular disease. The most recent studies have shown that we may absorb the nutrients in oranges better from the juice than from the fresh fruit itself. However, juices contain less fibre. Therefore, enjoy oranges in all their forms.

Oranges are fun! Slice, squeeze, garnish

Whoever sees their meals through “orange-coloured glasses” will be able to see how easily the aromatic fruit can be included in their diet. Oranges always fit the bill and are an attractive addition to any meal, as a fresh juice or smoothie, combined with a green salad and nuts or as a colourful garnish for fish and poultry. While the Valencia variant provides a wonderfully sweet juice, seedless Navel oranges are the perfect snack.

Tip: Before slicing, wash the oranges. There is then nothing standing in the way of healthy enjoyment.

Have fun!

Dole_orange_tree Picture: Isn't that pure summer feeling?



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