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Is the core of the pineapple edible?

Is the core of the pineapple edible?

You know how it is: before you get to the sweet and juicy flesh of the pineapple, some cutting work is needed, which means that some of this delicious treat is left over. It’s true that hardly anyone would want to eat the hard skin and green leaves of this exquisite fruit. But what about the core of the pineapple? Is it edible or do you need to throw the harder core away? We reveal all!

Underrated nutrition

Packed with vitamin C, minerals and enzymes, the pineapple is a healthy all-rounder for all snacking fans. But the beneficial ingredients are not only in the flesh of the fruit but also in the actual core. From a nutritional point of view, therefore, it is well worth your while trying the middle of the pineapple. But can the core of this tropical fruit really be eaten? The answer is a resounding yes! However, the core is harder and more fibrous than the actual pineapple flesh. If you don’t fancy eating it raw (which you could do if you wanted to), simply ‘process’ it a bit more. It’s a very tasty option that you can enjoy in a number of ways.

Our tips for a tasty pineapple core

To soften the hard core of the pineapple and make it more digestible, simply boil it briefly in water. This will make it very easy to cut and purée. The purée prepared in this way, combined with some pineapple juice, enhances the taste of smoothies, soups or alcohol-free summer cocktails. Use it as a topping for your morning breakfast muesli or to conjure up a cool fruit sorbet. Together with some pineapple slices, the puréed pineapple core is edible and makes a deliciously fruity dessert.

Tip: A very easy way of using the core is to simply grate it raw as a refreshing crumble over salads!

Who’s going to give it a try? We look forward to finding out!

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