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Bromelain – the benefits of the pineapple enzyme

Bromelain – the benefits of the pineapple enzyme

Pineapple has long been popular among fruit fans. And it’s not surprising: this sweet fruit adds a delicious touch to bowls, curries, salads and smoothies, providing that exotic kick. But did you know that fresh pineapple not only tastes good but also contains a very special enzyme? We’re talking about bromelain. Here we reveal why the pineapple enzyme is so good for you. Are you ready for pineapple?


Bromelawhat? What exactly is bromelain?


Bromelain is a mix of proteolytic enzymes, which were discovered in the stem of the pineapple plant. While it is present throughout the entire pineapple plant the stem, the crown, the peel and the flesh most of the bromelain can be found in the stem. It is used primarily for medical purposes. Bromelain is a compound that aids digestion and breaks down dietary proteins. In fact, it is so strong that you could tenderise even a piece of tough meat in a pineapple marinade. However, you will only find bromelain in the fresh fruit. Fans of tinned pineapple will lose out in this regard.


And what can bromelain do?


The health benefits of bromelain were noticed when it was seen how many indigenous peoples in South and Central America used pineapple for medical purposes. As a result, bromelain is now extracted from the fruit and used as an active pharmaceutical agent. The pineapple enzyme is particularly effective in relieving swelling after operations and sports injuries. This is because bromelain has a detumescent effect and acts as an analgesic. Bruises disappear faster and wounds heal better. The enzyme is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and to stimulate digestion. However, bromelain supplements should only be taken on medical advice.


The fresh fruit is therefore a better option! After all, the low-calorie pineapple is also an excellent source of vitamin C, phytochemicals and several trace elements. Pineapple creative! Why not try our pineapple and avocado sandwich, our pineapple and veggie burgeror our delicious pineapple Buddha bowl.


Full enzyme power ahead!


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