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Tabata training: effective workout for people in a hurry

Tabata training: effective workout for people in a hurry

You barely have time to go to the gym because of your daily business and your leisure activities? If you want to reach good training results in a short period of time you should try the current trend training Tabata: a quick, intensive training for everybody who only has little spare time.

What is Tabata training?

The training concept Trabata originally comes from Japan and is named after the Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata. He found out that a quick and high-intensity interval training makes sportsmen fitter and faster than other training programs – even in a shorter period of time.

What makes the Tabata training special: it takes only four minutes! The principle is very simple. The phases of exercise and rest take turns at a 2:1 ratio. After 20 seconds of intensive exercise you have 10 seconds of rest – this is repeated eight times in a row. In total you have four very intensive minutes of training. The short but intensive workload leads to the EPOC effect (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which helps to burn calories up to twelve hours after the Tabata training.

Depending on how much time you have, you can repeat the four minutes of training as often as you want. A study has already proven that especially short training sessions are less exhausting to the sportsman. This is another benefit of the Tabata training!

Tips for your Tabata training

Tabata training can be done with endurance training as well as with strength training. It is important that you do exercises that employ large muscle groups. Well suited are for example jumping jacks, push-ups or mountain climbers. We recommend a timer or a stopwatch in order to measure the time intervals. However, most importantly: During the exercise phase you should really give everything. Then an ideal training effect is guaranteed!

Have fun!

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