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Our response to COVID-19

Dear Friends and Families,

We understand that we are entering uncertain times. With more people and families staying home in the weeks to come, we will be focusing on sharing content that is relevant to the place we’re all in. We’ll share food safety information, immune-supporting articles, healthy-living recipes you can make at home and activities to keep your kids entertained. You can find this type of content on our new At-Home Resources page.
Know that at this time, all of Dole's fresh produce supply chain and production facilities remain operational. That means we will continue to supply the fruits and veggies you love, primarily sourced in the US or from Latin and South America, to retailers. We share global concerns over the spread and impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our customers, employees and partners. As an employer we want to be a responsible member of the communities in which we operate and follow all advice coming from public health organizations.
Per the CDC and global public health experts, there is no evidence that fresh produce (or any other food, or other product/material that we market) can transmit the virus. However as per FDA guidance, and in accord with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Rule on Preventive Controls for Human Food, we strictly enforce good hygiene practices (i.e., wash hands and surfaces often), and wear protective equipment at all times in our plants and operations.