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Ginger for your Gut!

Ginger for your Gut!

Ginger for your Gut!

Anti-inflammatory benefits may help ease flu symptoms

There is nothing worse than being susceptible to winter flu or stomach virus.  This flu season, there is one item you really ought to have within reach.  It’s white and flavorful, is found in the produce department at your local grocer and is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.  Any guesses?  It’s ginger; a rhizome or the part of a plant stem that is underground.  Studies have shown it to minimize muscle soreness post workout and may even help prevent development of diabetes related chronic conditions.  According to one study presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, ginger may also be beneficial for vomiting relief specifically in children with the flu. 

The double blind placebo-controlled study focused on 140 children, between 1-10 years old with acute gastroenteritis AKA the stomach flu.  It’s a condition where the stomach lining become inflamed and irritated, often resulting in diarrhea and vomiting.  In this study, children received either ginger drops or a placebo- which tasted exactly the same.  Those that received ginger supplement reduced their vomiting episodes by 20% when compared to the control group.  A great benefit for children who are at risk for dehydration when experiencing violent symptoms of the flu! 

Not sure how to get ginger in your diet?  The easiest way may be to take a knob and let a few slices steep in very hot water creating a ginger tea of sorts – add some lemon and honey and enjoy.  If you or your little ones have an appetite, we suggest turning to Asian dishes that feature ginger in their flavor profile.  Think dishes like our Lettuce Wraps or other dishes that you could easily add ginger to such as our Asian Hand Rolls or Asian Noodle Bowl

Published 12.20.18

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