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<p>Nutritious Wins for Game Day</p>

<p>Nutritious Wins for Game Day</p>

Nutritious Wins for Game Day

Easy tips to lighten up football Sunday

Make your football fiestas fantastic AND healthy this season by lightening up your fare.  A recent Food & Health Survey shares that most consumers follow a specific eating plan, including gluten free or low carb.  This means, some of your guests may actually welcome this change!  Typical tailgate eats include an array of calorific and crispy dishes from spinach artichoke dip, Buffalo wings to chili and nachos.  Check out these suggestions for quick and easy wins to make your game day spread healthier. 

  • Let the supermarket do some of the heavy lifting.  Check out the produce department for bagged salad kits, such as Dole’s Spinach Miso, or precut fruits and vegetables to make entertaining easy.  Some stores will even allow you to customize your fruit tray at a “produce butcher” station!  We’re all more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when they’re within sight
  • Substitute kebabs made with lean meats such as chicken or shrimp and vegetables for your usual burgers or sausage.  If you’re making your own, we recommend our Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs, but some supermarkets offer skewers already made; making them an even easier option!
  • Eliminate the mindless eating danger zone created by chips and dip by replacing creamy dips and fried chips with hummussalsa, or our spicy banana dip with homemade chips or crispy veggies!

Fall is for friends, family, fun and (healthy) food! Sub in some lighter options and make the celebrations a little bit healthier, we promise they’ll be just as much fun.

Published November 1st 2018
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