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<p>Don't Be Fooled By Diets</p>

<p>Don't Be Fooled By Diets</p>

Don't Be Fooled By Diets

Diet Products Increase Fat Mass

Fatty foods often get a bad name but in this case, it could mean the difference between losing extra fat mass or keeping it on. Think of the last trip you’ve taken down an aisle in the grocery store. Did you pay attention to all of the marketing claims? Sugar free, calorie free, fat free. The definition of free, in these cases, is not necessarily a good thing. Beware of the low-fat craze that is over consuming our lifestyle; foods may be low in fat, but high in sugar.

High sugar leads to many unnecessary health problems including liver damage and brain inflammation. Reading food labels is imperative. Knowing how to read ingredients and understand that there may be better choices available is the first line of defense. Unfortunately, there are not too many manufactured food products out there that people actually enjoy that are fat free, sugar free, and calorie free. So, in order to make it appealing, something has to be added. When the fat goes away, the sugar increases and vice versa. Enter the obesity epidemic.

We have seen before that low-fat diets are not the most effective approach to losing weight, and cholesterol levels actually have a better chance of decreasing with healthy fats, so being cautious of low-fat foods rings true. In a research lab from the University of Georgia, significant increases of liver fat accumulation, similar to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, has been seen in consumption of high-sugar, low-fat products, as well as chronic inflammation.

So, what should you eat instead? Stick to a balanced eating regime, not a product. A meal plan focused on healthy fats, antioxidants, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates will go much further than any fad. Choose nuts and seeds, fish, and avocados for healthy fat intake and pay special attention to portion sizes in this category. High fiber whole grains will keep your blood sugar levels steady, giving your brain the necessary energy it needs to fight inflammation and continue to move forward.

Published June 1. 2017

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