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Regardless of whether banana selfies are an effective way to protest racism, banana snacks are undoubtedly an effective way to refuel the body.

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Whole fruit linked to longevity while added sugar doubles heart disease.

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Are e-cigarettes safe? Research has yet to catch up with the runaway craze for haze, but two recent studies provide cause for concern.

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Founded in Hawaii in 1851, Dole Food Company, Inc., with 2010 revenues of $6.9 billion, is the world's largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Dole markets a growing line of packaged and frozen foods, and is a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research. The Company does business in more than 90 countries and employs, on average, 36,000 full-time, regular employees and 23,000 full-time seasonal or temporary employees, worldwide.
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If you Drupelet, Pick it up!

Quite like the Strawberry, the Blackberry is not considered a “real berry,” it’s actually an aggregate fruit! That means the Blackberry is composed of a bunch of different tiny fruits, which combine to make one delicious flavor! The tasty mini-fruits that hang onto the Blackberry’s pit, or receptacle, are called Drupes!
        Each individual drupe attached to an aggregate fruit is called a Drupelet. Other plants that consist of drupes include Cherries, Plums, Peaches, and Nectarines, but you’ll notice that unlike the Blackberry, these fruits have no need to share, as they all have their own pit!
        So when you buy DOLE® fresh Blackberries, remember, you’re getting a lot more for your money than you think, as you are not just eating one delicious berry, but dozens!